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When memories are easy to lose,
but hard to find...

When the past is confusing
and not clarifying...

When digital life is more chaos
than comfort...

It's time to change.

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Each year, we lose meaningful stories and memories – windows to the past that tell us who we are. Many voices are completely left out of conversations on conventional digital platforms. It's precisely these rich stories that make images powerful and the past understandable. 


Our first app, Panotype, offers a new way of engaging with the past in close-knit groups, respecting both your privacy and your peace of mind. Panotype makes exploring your family history and your shared memories simple, secure, and fun.



Panotype helps you find, store, and share your most meaningful stories about the past with your closest friends and family.


Searchable audio captions let you tell your story in your own words and with your own voice, enabling richer discussions centered on your most important photos.


We apply a combination of the latest methods and interfaces in data analysis so that you can effortlessly explore the historical and emotional meaning behind your memories. 
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